Fedora Notes


The first of the four CD's is a self bootable CD. Set up the PC to boot from the CD rom in the BIOS. When it boots up, you will see the RedHat logo, and the boot: prompt. Type linux text. To move around the choices, press the [TAB] key. Skip testing the CD. You will then be asked to select what language, mouse, and what type of install you want.


The list is as follows:


In my case, I chose server. The the DISK PARTITIONING SETUP window opens. For me, sometimes the AUTOPARTITION option doesn't work, so I chose DISK DRUID. In this case, the system has a 8gig drive, so here are my selections. This is not a good choice, but its a start. I also plan on adding a second drive which will be the shared drive.

Also, if you are installing, and have data already on the drive that you want to keep, this can be done by highlighting which partition you want to keep, then select Edit, then give the mount point a name. Also select don't format for that partion.

Partition Name
File System Type
swap - see note below
512 (twice theRAM)
remaining (2 Gig. min.)


Note: The system file type for swap is type swap. Highlight the file type choices, then hit the up / down arrow key. You will see the choices.

When all of the above are set up, then say OK. For the boot loader, select GRUB. For boot loader configuration, add nothing, and say OK. Skip GRUB password. Select REDHAT LINUX for the boot manager to boot. You want to install the boot loader into the Master Boot Record.

Network configuration is as follows:

For hostname I chose systemsSrvr. I chose no firewall since Hi-Stat already has one. Select New York Timezone, and your root password. You must set up at least one user as well. when finished, say OK and it will start installing. After a while, it will ask you what packages to install. At the bottom of the list, select everything.

It will then do an integrity check on your partitions you have set up, and start installing.


You will come to a menu as to what to install. Install the following:

Once ths install is finished and the system is rebooted, you need to enable some services in order to login remotely and to FTP. To do this you have login as ROOT, then run SETUP.

Go into system services and select the following:

You will have to restart the system for the settings to take effect. The command is halt.

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